Inside Out bringing awareness to high school students

New lessons that aim to stop bullying and increase awareness of sexually diverse teens are being rolled out across the country.

A new programme aimed at fostering better understanding of gay and transgender youth has been launched in schools. Source: 1 NEWS

The teaching resources, tailored to both intermediate and high school pupils, are the culmination of a two year project led by Rainbow Youth and funded by the Ministry of Social Development.

Sexually and gender diverse teens have reported bullying rates that are nearly 300% percent higher than any other teen group. 

Half of all transgender students are reportedly afraid of being hurt at school.

The Inside Out programme aims to increase awareness of sexually and gender diverse youth through a mix of discussion, class activities and videos which tell personal stories.

"Often young people who've seen this video have said it's the first time they've seen someone like them," says Dr John Fenaughty, the founder of Inside Out. 

"It's a key part of this resource to help break down some of the isolation for these young people."

Rainbow Youth has seen increased demand for teaching resources on sex, sexual identity and diversity since health education guidelines were updated in July.

Year 11 Health students at Albany Senior High, where the first ever Inside Out class was held last week, said they enjoyed the lesson and it gave them a great deal to think about.  

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