'Incredibly tough' – brother of slain Christchurch sex worker disappointed at quashing of murder conviction

The gang prospect jailed for murdering Christchurch sex worker Mellory Manning in 2014 has had his conviction quashed.

Mauha Fawcett had been serving a sentence of at least 20 years for the murder of Manning.

Convicted in May 2014, Fawcett now faces a retrial just three years into his sentence.

The judge in the original trial had described the 2008 raping, beating and killing of Manning as "callous, cruel… and depraved".

Today, at news of Fawcett's quashed conviction, Manning's family were disappointed.

"We're quite disappointed but by the same token not surprised," Mellory Manning’s brother Robin Manning said.

"Obvioulsy every time it's brought up, especially my mother finds it incredibly tough."

The body of Mellory Manning was found raped and murdered in the Avon River in Christchurch, in December 2008. Mahua Fawcett was arrested in March 2012.

It took police four years to charge Mauha Fawcett with Manning's murder and in May 2014 he was sentenced to life.

But the former Mongrel Mob prospect was today granted another chance to plead his case.

Police had always maintained others had been involved in the crime.

Today's ruling means no one has been held responsible for Manning's murder.

The panel of three judges have suppressed why the re-trial has been ordered, saying it would compromise a fair trial in the future.

Fawcett is set to appear again in the Christchurch High Court next month.

Mauha Fawcett was convicted of murder for the 2008 attack, described as "callous, cruel and depraved". Source: 1 NEWS