'Incredibly heartbreaking' - Locals gutted as New Year partygoers trash small Coromandel township

Locals and business owners in Whangamatā, in the Coromandel, are frustrated at the mess left behind from New Year partygoers.

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Extensive damage has been done to a local café after the rough start to 2021. Source: 1 NEWS

Overnight, riot police broke up hoards of teenagers as celebrations turned violent in the small town.

A local cafe was badly damaged, with thousands of dollars worth of goods also stolen from the premises.

Blackies Cafe manager Kate Hunter said it was a new year, and now they'll be needing a new roof.

"The guttering's all come away here, most of our tables have been smashed over there. There was heaps of rubbish and wrappers and food left all up on the roof," she told 1 NEWS.

"It's incredibly heartbreaking."

Blackies staff worked overnight to open again this morning.

But locals say they aren't surprised things turned wild.

Crowds have been gathering at Williamson Park for New Year's Eve for years, but it's been particularly bad ever since official events organised for under 18s were canned, residents say.

"They come down here, wreck it, then go home, have a nice day," one man told 1 NEWS.

Waikato Eastern Area Commander inspector Dean Anderson agreed, calling last night's mayhem "disgusting".

"They can celebrate their New Year, or entering into the new year, along with everyone else but they chose not to."

Around 22 people were arrested last night and this evening police said they had also arrested and charged a 54-year-old local man with inciting disorderly behaviour.

Police made the charge against the man after viewing a livestream of last night's events on social media.

He will appear later in Waihi District Court.

"Police ask that people consider the impact that incitement of disorder on social media can have on public order and the safety of our communities," police told 1 NEWS.

Police also asked anyone else with video footage of the night to come forward as they continue to investigate what happened.

Police will keep a presence in the town tonight in case crowds return.