In her own words: Latest Kiwi infected with coronavirus from cruise ship speaks to 1 NEWS

The latest New Zealander infected with coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship has spoken exclusively to 1 NEWS.

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Six New Zealanders are expected to arrive this evening, but two others tested positive for the illness in Japan last night. Source: 1 NEWS

The woman and her husband, who asked not to be identified by name, were turned away from a mercy flight to New Zealand once the 14-day quarantine finished, when they both tested positive to Covid-19 at the last moment.

She's the first New Zealander diagnosed with Covid-19 to speak publicly.

She shares their tale in her own words below.

First up, we're not finding this scary at all. From the moment we went into quarantine on the Diamond Princess on 4 Feb until now, we have been exceptionally well cared for and fully informed. 

A few days into the quarantine on the Diamond, we were given thermometers and asked to report our results if they went above 37.5. 

My husband and I were obsessed with taking our temps which always fell into the healthy range. 

As 19 Feb fast approached (end of 14-day quarantine on the ship) the Japanese Health officials decided to swab EVERYONE, not just the elderly or those with medical conditions.

We were swabbed on Sun 16th and were advised results would take 2-3 days. It was an anxious wait as we were hearing so many positive cases were asymptomatic. 

A New Zealander diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19 says they were escorted off the cruise ship by people wearing full hazmat gear. Source: Supplied

Our day 3 coincided with the planned disembarkation of healthy Australians and New Zealanders who were to fly home that night. 

At lunchtime we received a phone call advising we had both tested positive. 

We both took the news in our stride. 

In a way we were relieved we were both in the same boat, as being separated would have been stressful. 

We were advised to pack our belongings and we would be taken to a hospital either that afternoon or next day. 

One hour later, there was a knock on the door and we were off with one small carry on each. It was a bit of a scramble trying to pack up and advise everyone of our predicament.

People being evacuated from the cruise ship are transported in their own personal ambulance, a New Zealander diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19 says. Source: Supplied

We were escorted off the ship by people wearing full hazmat gear and transported in our own personal ambulance. 

The walk from the ship through the covered temporary walkway into the ambulance was surreal to say the least. The entire interior of the ambulance was covered in plastic. 

We travelled non stop for 1.40mins until we arrived at our destination. 

I believe (but communication does get lost in translation) we are the only ones from the Diamond Princess here and that we're the only ones on this floor. 

We are in separate rooms across the hall from each other. We have had tests done.. xray, blood, blood pressure and urine. 

The staff are delightful, friendly and eager to please.

Personally I'm pleased we were picked up prior to boarding the flight. We wouldn't want to be responsible for introducing the virus into New Zealand.

Patients are treated for coronavirus in separate rooms, according to a New Zealander diagnosed with Covid-19 while on a cruise ship off Japan. Source: Supplied

We're just taking things day by day. Every day brings something meaningful. 

Today I was given a little care package from the nurse who looked after us yesterday.  A beautiful handmade card, origami cranes and some teabags. 

Very special.