In CPTPP talk with Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern points to downside of globalisation

Jacinda Ardern has used her time with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chilean President Sebastián Piñera to bring up trade and future, "more formal" meetings between the three countries.

The three world leaders spoke in New York this morning ahead of another trip to the United Nations.

The Kiwi Prime Minister was blunt in her analysis of how trading was working for New Zealand.

"In New Zealand, we've had the experience that globalisation, the opening up of trade and the reduction of barriers hasn't benefited everyone equally," she said.

"That means trade has lost a bit of its social licence - that's certainly been some of early experience and some of the discussion around the CPTPP."

But Ms Ardern said trade is still vital for New Zealand going forward.

"At home at the moment, we're out there asking New Zealanders what they want to see from future free trade agreements," she said.

"We want that extra benefit for indigenous New Zealanders... small to medium-sized enterprises and women."

To meet those goals, Ms Ardern said she hoped for another meeting between the trio in the future.

"I really look forward to a future opportunity, a 'trade for all' discussion," she said.

"I think we have plans to do something more formal to really lock in this agenda that we share."

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    The pair along with Chile's President Sebastian Pinera sat down in New York today. Source: 1 NEWS