Immigration officials meet with lawyer of Indian students facing deportation

Immigration officials have met with the lawyer representing a group of Indian students who are fighting to stay in New Zealand after it was found their visa application process was flawed.

The students were issued deportation notices after their immigration agents falsified documents. Source: 1 NEWS

The students face deportation after it was found they obtained fraudulent visas from education agents in India.

A Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment spokesperson told 1 NEWS a confidential meeting took place between an MBIE representative and Alistair McClymont, who is representing the group.

The MBIE spokesperson said of the nine student who made appeals for ministerial intervention in their case - which was refused on February 1 - two have already left New Zealand.

Six of the seven remaining students have also completed the qualification course they came to New Zealand to study.

Mr McClymont yesterday said his clients are hopeful something good would come from the meeting, and that their "future's gone if they get on a plane".

Immigration New Zealand has said it is standing by its deportation orders.