Immigration NZ negotiating departure of Indian students with lawyer




A lawyer representing a group of Indian students being deported says Immigration New Zealand may allow them to re-apply for New Zealand visas once they return to India.

Unions, church groups and supporters of migrant rights are rallying behind the group of Indian students.
Source: 1 NEWS

The student visas they used to enter New Zealand were fraudulent, after they say they were tricked by unscrupulous agents in India. They have requested amnesty and taken shelter at an Auckland church.

Immigration New Zealand has consistently denied them amnesty, but their lawyer Alastair McClymont today said it was being negotiating for the students to potentially re-apply for a visa when they get back to India.

The negotiations centre around waiving the ban on re-entry and the manner in which character issues are addressed in further applications.

Mr McClymont said INZ has agreed not to deport any of the group until February 22 in order to allow negotiations to continue.

However, Immigration New Zealand has told 1 NEWS that no deal has been struck with the group or their representation.

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