'I'm just shattered' - Man who escaped Linwood mosque terror attack says he no longer feels 'safe in Christchurch'

Farhaan Farheez was at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch when Friday's terror attack began and was lucky to escape with his life.

Mr Farheez is Fijian and moved to New Zealand three years ago.

He told TVNZ1's Breakfast that he doesn't "feel safe in Christchurch" anymore after what happened.

"The first shots I just thought someone was playing with fireworks or playing with something on top of the roof like stones or something."

He said he just couldn't believe what was taking place.

"It was just one of those moments, where you’re just shocked ... is this happening, is this real?

"He was shooting everyone just brutally, there was blood everywhere, everyone was so frightened, it was extremely devastating... ...this person had no humanity, he just shot everyone like they were animals, just like they meant nothing."

Mr Farheez said he thought he was going to die.

"I was like you know what this is it for me, I thought this was my moment, I accepted it and said my final prayers."

He said the gun shots were so loud and he felt like he was in a "battlefield".

"Everyone was just saving their lives, we felt like we were in the Middle East or something, it was that atmosphere."

Mr Farheez is getting counselling and said he keeps having flashbacks of Friday's events.

"It's so hard for me to concentrate on things, flashbacks keep coming in and out and when I go anywhere, when I drive I’m just hyper-vigilant that I don’t know what’s going to happen when, this was an unexpected attack and honestly I don’t feel safe in Christchurch."

Mr Farheez, a community support worker, wanted to reunite with his family in Auckland but he is not able to due to his visa conditions.

He said he wanted to find a sense of belonging in New Zealand, "From day one that was my first target to make New Zealand my home and get a sense of belonging and now I just feel like that’s long gone… … I’m just shattered that was my ultimate dream you know.”

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    Farhaan Farheez said he wanted to make New Zealand home but he feels his sense of belonging is “long gone”. Source: Breakfast