'I'm just pregnant not incapacitated' – Jacinda Ardern jokingly brushes off pregnancy challenges

Jacinda Ardern was today confidently playing down any suggestion her pregnancy was proving a challenge to fulfilling her Prime Ministerial duties. 

The PM wasn't fazed when asked how she was coping as a "working mum, and working PM" Source: 1 NEWS

When asked how she was coping after a week of operating under the dual roles of "working mum, and working PM", Ms Ardern was mockingly dismissive of the question.

"I'm just pregnant, not incapacitated," the Prime Minister laughed.

"So like everyone else who's found themselves pregnant before I'm just keeping on going. Probably a question for after."    

Ms Ardern also said she has had initial discussions with parter Clarke Gayford over antenatal classes, but said she expects she will "send him and then get the executive summary". 

The Prime Minister also said in general the response of everyday Kiwis to her pregnancy has been extremely warm and jovial in their congratulations.

"Certainily when I walk around and step outside my house, everyone in Auckland seems to know where I live, a few honks and hollers from outside their cars.

"So that's really nice, it's been really warm.

"But again, I don't take that to mean absolutely everyone in New Zealand is happy.

"I've got work to do to prove that I can fulfill the responsibilities I have and I absolutely intend to do that, and so does this government."