'I'm hooked!' - Blenheim pilot on a WWII fighter plane racing mission in Nevada Desert

A Kiwi commercial pilot is setting off for the Nevada Desert in the US to fly World War II fighters more than 500km/h a mere 20 metres above the ground.

How about this adrenaline rush for a pastime? Source: Seven Sharp

That's what happens at the famous Reno Air Races, and Graeme Frew is all in for a second straight year this September.

"She's got great lines, sounds sounds and just beautiful to fly, beautiful to fly and performance to burn," Frew says of his plane.

During his rookie year, Frew made it to the Grand Finale "Gold" Race at Reno, and he's optimistic it can be repeated.

"The aeroplane is capable of over 400 miles an hour and I'm confident I can race it at over 400 miles an hour," he says.

For Frew, the racing is almost an out of body experience.

"You are alive for the 10 or 12 minutes on the course, you are alive. The turbulence is something fierce out of the bigger planes I am racing against," Frew says.

"I'm hooked, I struggle to convey what it's like out there on that race track, it's just living life."