'I'm going to live out my wildest dreams' - Stan Walker opens up in more detail on the impact of his serious health battle

Kiwi artist Stan Walker has revealed one of the impacts of his serious health battle, which is set to be shown in a upcoming documentary. 

In an interview with New Zealand TV Guide, Walker says he will now live his "wildest dreams".

"I have decided that I'm not going to wait for anything anymore," he said to TV Guide.

The Kiwi singer songwriter goes back to his musical roots and will soon release his first album in almost two years. Source: Breakfast

"I'm going to live out my wildest dreams and be better than I have ever been and unapologetic of who I am."

An outpouring of well-wishes and praise was sent the way of Walker, after the trailer was released for a documentary detailing his unspecified health battles over the past year.

It is believed the documentary follows Walker as he goes through treatment for a hereditary cancer-causing gene.

The documentary director Mitchell Hawkes told TV Guide there was a lot of "hope" and "resilience" shown through the health journey. 

The documentary Stan is set to air on Three next week.

Stan Walker is comforted by his mother in hospital.
Stan Walker is comforted by his mother in hospital. Source: Instagram/Stan Walker

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