'I'm getting emotional' - Melissa Lee tears up over National MPs voted out at election

National's Melissa Lee teared up this morning when talking to reporters about fellow MPs saying their goodbyes to Parliament.

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More than a third of National's caucus have been put out of a job following the election. Source: 1 NEWS

Lee said she felt "a bit numb" after Labour took out the election with a landslide victory on Saturday.

Voters put Labour back in power with enough seats to govern alone while more than a third of National's caucus were put out of a job, leaving the party with just 35 seats. 

As some new National MPs, including Christopher Luxon and Joseph Mooney, are welcomed to Parliament for their first caucus meeting today, departing MP's will be given five minutes to say their goodbyes and air any concerns.

As she arrived at work today, Lee told media "at the moment I've made the cut".

"I'm not quite sure if I can actually celebrate because so many of my good colleagues are leaving. I'm getting emotional," she said.

She got teary when asked who she'd miss the most.

"There are so many, too many to mention."

Lee added that she was "really angry" about unnamed National MPs telling MediaWorks they're predicting a leadership coup.

"I just think that people, New Zealanders will be very disappointed at us. We just look like politicians that can't actually sort of keep it together.

"Really disappointed whoever it is. Hopefully it will stop."

Lee said she didn't know who was leaking information to the press.

"You just feel like an entitled MP and I think you just need to shut up," she said.