'I'm a fighter' - Judith Collins defends poor Colmar Brunton results

National Party leader Judith Collins has blamed the second Covid-19 lockdown for her party’s poor polling results in tonight’s 1 NEWs Colmar Brunton poll.

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The poll showed the National Party sitting on 31 per cent and Collins on 18 per cent as preferred prime minister. Source: 1 NEWS

The exclusive poll saw party support for National dip slightly to 31 per cent and Collins drop to 18 per cent for preferred Prime Minister.

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The Labour Party sits on 48 per cent while Jacinda Ardern sits on 54 per cent for preferred prime minister.

Collins says the second lockdown made New Zealanders want to stay with the status quo.

“It’s also stopped the momentum for campaigning.”

She says with a lot of people still undecided on who they will vote for on October 17, there is now opportunity for her party to gain more support.

“I think there’s a huge opportunity for us to show our vision, that we have a much more positive vision for New Zealand particularly for building the economy and having a proper border agency in place.”

Collins laughed off her own poor polling as preferred prime minister saying many former leaders would have “crawled over broken glass to have gotten that high”.

“You know what John, I never give up. I’m a fighter," she told moderator John Campbell.

Ardern said she and her Labour Party would not be complacent about their position in the polls.