Ihaka Stokes murder trial: Jury retires to begin deliberations


Justice Cameron Mander has summed up both the Crown and Defence case on the ninth day of the Christchurch High Court murder trial.

It’s now up to the jury of six men and six women to decide whether or not Troy Taylor killed the child.
Source: 1 NEWS

Justice Cameron Mander says "the two main issues for you in this trial are the identification of the person who inflicted the injuries, you need to decide whether the crown has proven it was Mr Taylor who did that."

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Source: 1 NEWS

"Mr Taylor has explained his version of events to you, he says he didn't assault Ihaka on Thursday night, but dropped him because he felt dizzy. He says it was Mikala Stokes who inflicted the fatal injuries, and that he lied to police to protect her."

It's the Crown's case that 23-year-old Troy Taylor, suffering multiple concussions, was sleep deprived and "lost it" with Ihaka, inflicting 59 injuries.

The Defence case is that Ihaka's mother Mikala inflicted the injuries while Taylor was out of the house, and that he lied about the chain of events to police to "protect the woman he loved."

Troy Taylor says he lied to police to protect Ihaka’s mother Mikala Stokes.
Source: 1 NEWS

Justice Mander says "The defence case is that Mr Taylor simply was not responsible for inflicting the injuries, but if you decide he did you have to assess his state of mind at the time."

The 15-month-old died in July 2015 due to head injuries including brain swelling, bleeding and hemorrhaging behind his eyes.

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