If Comanchero gang think they can take on Mongrel Mob in NZ 'they'll be in for a shock', ex-Aussie cop says

The Comancheros gang aren't as big as they think they are, an Australian ex-cop and policing lecturer says.

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Dr Michael Kennedy says if they think they’re going to “bounce” the Mongrel Mob in NZ around “they’ll be in for a shock”. Source: Breakfast

"I think if the Comancheros think they're going to go over there (New Zealand) and bounce the Mongrel Mob around they're in for a bit of a shock," Dr Michael Kennedy told TVNZ1's Breakfast.

"I don't think we should give them too much credit for too many things," he said.

Yesterday, Breakfast heard from the Organised Crime Unit's Detective Superintendent Greg Williams, who said gang members arriving from across the Tasman, including Comancheros, were contributing to escalating violence in the meth trade. 

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Detective Superintendent Greg Williams says an increase in gang violence is partly due to the changing landscape of the illegal methamphetamine trade. Source: Breakfast

Mr Kennedy said he believes New Zealand police deal with gangs in a "much more sophisticated way" than their Australian counterparts.

"I think the New Zealanders have always dealt with this differently to the Australians and I think they've dealt with it better to be quite frank."

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He said the reasons included the fact New Zealand police don't have a competition between commissioners for funding.

They also don't have a problem with the National Police Department holding back information from the state police and they don't have a problem of negotiating with the security agencies. 

"In New Zealand it's the National Police Department and they've always dealt with these things in a more sophisticated way," he concludes.