If it became legal, how many Kiwis would choose voluntary euthanasia each year?




David Seymour is using the US state of Oregon as an indication of how many Kiwis would choose voluntary euthanasia each year if it was legalised, and puts the figure at between 130 and 150.

ACT's David Seymour is confident the bill will have the numbers to pass.
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Mr Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill was drawn from the ballot yesterday and the euthanasia debate has taken off well ahead of its first reading in parliament.

One way to estimate how many New Zealanders would choose voluntary euthanasia is to compare the country with a similar place where it is legal.

Matt Vickers watched his wife Lecretia Seales die, and is thrilled euthanasia will be debated by politicians.
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"The experience that I think is most relevant to New Zealand is Oregon," Mr Seymour said.

"It has roughly the same population, culture, language and legal system as we have.

"In Oregon about 30,000 people die each year and about 0.3 per cent of them, 130 to 150, have an assisted death."

The Act Party leader says there is a "perfect storm" for a tax cut following a $1.5 billion surplus.
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Mr Seymour's bill could come up for a first reading debate before parliament is dissolved in August for the September 23 election, but the MP thinks delaying tactics will be used by those who don't want to take a position on it before the election.

They could do that by dragging out debate on bills that are higher up on the agenda.

"I suspect you will find MPs will find enormous passion for enormously important bills they've previously never heard of," Mr Seymour said.

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