Identity of man accused of murdering publican at Waikato's Red Fox Tavern revealed

Name suppression has lapsed for one of the men accused over one of the country's most high profile killings.

Mark Joseph Hoggart's name has been kept secret until now.

He's charged with murdering Waikato publican Chris Bush at the Red Fox Tavern more than 30 years ago.

Mr Bush was gunned down at the Maramarua pub shortly before midnight on Saturday October 24, 1987.

A second accused man is also before the courts charged with murder.

The lifting of suppression comes in a Court of Appeal ruling.

That ruling came after Hoggart appealed a High Court decision that said his name suppression should be lifted.

Mr Bush's widow Gay Bush has previously told 1 NEWS she was relieved at the arrests and that they had brought her some closure.

Police took to TVNZ2’s Police Ten 7 programme in July last year to say they were re-examining forensic material collected at the time of the shooting.

Police said at that time they were determined to bring those responsible to justice.

Mr Bush was enjoying a drink with three other staff members after closing up the tavern when two men burst in.

They were heavily disguised, with one carrying a double-barrelled shotgun and the other a baseball bat, yelling "this is a hold up".

Chris Bush was shot dead at the Red Fox tavern just before midnight on the October 24 in 1987.
Chris Bush Source: 1 NEWS