'I'd like to thank Sue' - young offenders trying to go straight humbled by generosity of Kiwis

Youth offenders in Christchurch have been blown away by the generosity of Kiwis who have donated shoes in a bid to help them better themselves.

In October, 1 NEWS went behind bars in Christchurch to show youth prisoners striving for their Duke of Edinburgh awards, part of a drive to see them leave jail as better people.

It was noted by many that some of prisoners were doing physical activities in jandals.

Since then, they've been inundated with over 100 pairs of running shoes.

One inmate, using drugs since he was 10, has been inspired by the gesture, and wanted to issue a personal thank you.

"I'd like to thank Sue, I got some Asics, I really thank her," he said. 

These young men are trying for the Duke of Edinburgh awards, but a lack of resources meant they had to do physical tasks in jandals. Source: 1 NEWS