'I think what you have done is amazing' – Sir Ray Avery's high praise for girl

A Mossburn schoolgirl decided she wanted to help save young lives. So she got to work. Source: Breakfast


Ballet is for Everyone at this studio - especially the kids

An unconventional dance studio in Wellington is proving that ballet doesn't have to be exclusive and disciplined.

Ballet is for Everyone runs on Sunday mornings and was founded by Emily McKewen, whose own son hasn't had much to time for fun and socialising because of medical issues.

"He really wanted to wear a tutu and dress up and just have fun and that's what I wanted for him as well," Ms McKewen said.

Ballet Teacher Sarah Wood says that sessions can get pretty chaotic, but they are always fun and inclusive.

"I'm sure there are a lot of ballet people who are looking at this and going 'oh my goodness, what's happening?'".

And while teaching ballet at the class means an early start, it's all worth it once you get there, Ms Wood says.

"Some Sunday mornings you wake up and you're like 'Ohhhh ... I could just stay in bed a little bit longer' but then when you get here the kids are just so stoked to see you and they're just having the time of their lives."

One Wellington mum decided on taking a different approach to ballet. Source: Seven Sharp


'Just give the people a fair go, that's what Australia's about' - Kiwi criminal struggles to adapt to NZ life

A Kiwi criminal, who has spent half his life in Australian prisons, arrived back in his country of birth feeling "lost" as hundreds of fellow New Zealanders face the same fate.

Raymond Pedrana, 50, who has a history of dishonesty and property offences, insists he is the product of a troubled upbringing in Sydney's western suburbs.

He first went to prison at 15, spent the last six months at a Darwin detention centres, and spent 47 years of his life in Australia before being deported.

"The mental side of it, it does your head in," he told Seven Sharp of the compounds.

"[I've] been brought up as an Aussie, think like an Aussie, talk like an Aussie ... steals like [Ned] Kelly."

He said he feels "lost" after arriving in New Zealand last week.

"For me it doesn't seem real, of course break the law you pay the price. They didn't say that for 30 or 40 years ... I'm Australian enough to do all the time I have done."

The father of two, who became a ward of the Australian state at age eight, was given $300 cash, and a voucher for seven nights accommodation at a backpackers lodge when he left for New Zealand.

Pedrana said he will fight his deportation order and had a message for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"Just give the people a fair go, that's what Australia's about, that's what I was raised as, fair dinkum fair go, never ever thought our Government was going to be as callous, as cruel as they are."

Raymond Pedrana became a ward of the state at age eight, and first went to jail at age 15. Source: Seven Sharp