'I actually support their path' - Auckland ISIS adherent raided by cops

Police have swooped on an Auckland man who posted a photo of himself with what appeared to be a gun, alongside statements supporting Islamic State.

Police swooped on the home of self-proclaimed jihadist Harun, formerly known as Wiremu Curtis, after he posted images of himself with a gun on Facebook. Source: 1 NEWS

Around two years ago Wiremu Curtis converted to Islam and changed his name to Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah.

His passport has been confiscated, and today, while speaking with ONE News, police arrived to take away the airgun.

Harun's Facebook page, which has since been taken down, was littered with statements in support of ISIS, and he says he supports their aims.

"(I) support them in words like that because the whole word is gathered against them," he says.

Harun insists he is not a threat.

Yeah, I actually support their minhaj, the path that they believe in - Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah

"Of course not.

"The photo with the gun is just an air soft rifle. I play air soft every Sunday with the brothers."

He has previously spoken with TVNZ about Muslim men being targeted by the Security Intelligence Service, after which he started supporting ISIS after learning more about the group.

"Since I actually looked into it properly, yeah, I actually support their minhaj, the path that they believe in."