Hutt Hospital steps up search for dangerous anaesthetics taken from resuscitation bay

Hutt Valley District Health Board has released more details about the quantity of dangerous anaesthetic drugs taken from Hutt Hospital's Emergency Department last week.


Twenty vials of drugs in a liquid form inside glass or plastic vials were taken on Tuesday, August 6 while staff were attending a patient in the resuscitation bay.

The missing drugs include four vials of the anaesthetic Propofol and three vials of the anaesthetic Etomidate.

The others are muscle relaxant/ anaesthetics. These are five vials of Rocuronium, five vials of Suxamethonium and three vials of Tracurium.

"These drugs are dangerous, and could cause harm or even death if taken outside a clinical setting," DHB Chief Medical Officer Sisira Jayathissa said yesterday.

"I urge anyone who has these drugs, or comes across them, to immediately hand them in to Hutt Hospital, any New Zealand hospital, or the police," Dr Jayathissa said.

The drugs "were close at hand, not behind any kind of access door or anything", a DHB spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

There were no security cameras in the area of the hospital where the drugs were taken, the spokesperson said.