Husband of pregnant woman Sonam Shelar reveals new details about his wife's death

Wellington woman Sonam Shelar died after accidentally falling from a pier and hitting her head, her grieving husband says.

The 26-year-old who was five months pregnant was reported missing on November 17. 

She was last seen walking onto a bus bound for the suburb of Island Bay.  Her body was found on White Rock Beach on the Wairarapa coastline four days later.

Earlier her family had claimed they thought she might have been murdered, but police ruled out foul play and referred the death to the Coronor.

Her husband, Sagar Shelar told the NZ Herald on Sunday he thought the public’s perception was that he had something to do with her disappearance.

"It definitely felt really bad because I am her husband and what husband who is going to be a father would do that? People who don't know us were saying things about me. I don't care what people think of me. I wish she was right here with me."

Shelar said the officers investigating her disappearance had indicated his wife might have accidentally slipped off Island Bay pier, hitting her head on the way down.

"Police were saying that day it was slippery on the pier and she might have fallen into the water," the 32-year-old said.

"They are thinking it was an accident. At five 5 past 11 her phone was switched off . . . that's when I think she must have slipped over. It was a bad day - very wet and windy. The police told me she hit her head, that's all."

He said police had shown him CCTV footage of her walking to the bus and then walking along the Island Bay beach.

Shelar said that in the footage he did not believe she looked "distressed" or "unhappy".

Police would not confirm Shelar's comments, saying the death had been referred to the Coroner "who will confirm the cause of death".

Every day Shelar says he feels "empty and alone" at home. The unopened baby clothes, the baby car seat and the empty cot are cruel reminders of what he has lost.

"I did everything to take care of Sonam and the baby. She wasn't lacking anything," he said.

"I miss her completely: her voice, her smile, her everything. I dreamed of being a father and it was so close - there were only four months left to go. Now that's been taken away from me, too."

Members of Sonam's family travelled from India to Wellington for her funeral two weeks ago.

Sonam Shelar
Wellington Police are appealing for help to locate Sonam Shelar. Source: 1 NEWS