Hunterville's teen crooner determined to keep swing music alive

Most of us have a dream about what we want out of life. But, more often than not, circumstances get in the way.

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Rohan Gower is a young man with a dream. Source: Seven Sharp

All 18-year-old Rohan Gower wants to do is become a crooner like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin — the only problem is that he’s a seventh-generation sheep farmer from Hunterville, population 429.

While there’s not much demand in Hunterville for crooners, Gower found a way anyway with the help of the Coombrae Retirement Village.

“I don’t think I’ll become a farmer,” Gower told Seven Sharp.

“I could probably give it a go, but I don’t know how good I would be. Sheep are just stupid, I don’t know how I can deal with sheep.”

It all began when Gower started listening to the likes of the legendary songstress Vera Lynn with his grandparents.

“I had this Vera Lynn article and wrote her a letter ... and she wrote back to me.

“That's why I do We'll Meet Again. It's a beautiful song, and because I have a connection as well.”

Gower is taking off, with gig after gig in Dannevirke, Palmerston North, Whanganui, Christchurch and Auckland.

He’s also become the Feilding Music Society’s headline act.

“I don't care what anything else thinks. I've grown a thicker skin because I was in the boarding school back in high school and that sort of wasn't the best time,” Gower said.

Now, he’s determined to keep the music from the swing era alive.

"Someone's gotta do it."