Hunt on for alley cat stolen from Christchurch tourist attraction

Christchurch locals are appealing for a missing tin cat, stolen from a Christchurch tourist attraction.

South Frame is an art space attraction for visitors, a series of laneways and gathering spaces. It stretches from Madras Street all the way to Antigua Street in the city's CBD.

On February 24, a car of four passengers pulled up at the site, inspected the black and white tin cat and took a liking to it.

"Just before five o'clock another car pulled up. The guy came down, hoodie pulled up over his head. He booted hell out of the cat until he got it off." Cat-Cam Coordinator Pete Downing told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

Mr Downing strongly advises whoever took it to return the missing cat.

"It's sad. There’re so many people who’ve put so much effort [in]. There's pieces of art work that are unique, they're individual - you're never going to see them anywhere else."

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It was a sculpture meant to lure locals and visitors to the centre of the city, but some visitors have been enjoying it too much. Source: Seven Sharp