Hundreds of volunteers the unsung heroes of massive America's Cup parade




The massive crowds which turned out to welcome home Team New Zealand in Auckland today have the hard work of dedicated fans behind the scenes to thank for the impressive parade.

There were plenty of other fans behind the scenes today.
Source: 1 NEWS

The scale of the event was so big out-of-towners needed to be brought in by bus to help.

"We came up from Hamilton this morning, we left at half past seven ready to come to this awesome day," one woman working crowd control told 1 NEWS.

Other volunteers had the enviable job of spreading some joy out to the crowd.

"There are about 150 of us, we're just handing out goodies and generally looking after the crowd," a volunteer said.

Local police also managed to enjoy the day while patrolling the event with Constable Carley Eklund saying: "Just seeing how proud NZ is of this amazing team, it's pretty exciting!"

Kiwis will be hoping to see another victory parade down Auckland's Queen St in four-years-time.

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