Hundreds of thousands of Adele fans use public transport to get to gigs over record breaking four days

British singer Adele's three Auckland concert's saw are record number of people using public transport.

Adele's first concert on Thursday spurred a one-day record of just under 400,000 trips made on Auckland public transport.

Auckland Transport says there were 261,000 bus trips made, 113,000  on the rail network and 25,000 trips on ferries on Thursday, the day of the first of three Adele concerts at Mount Smart Stadium.

That night Auckland Transport carried 80 per cent of the crowd to and from the concert on trains and buses. 

Group Manager AT Metro Operations Brendon Main says that's a record for any concert.

"The numbers using public transport were massive, we've never seen crowds that big," he said.

There were close to 27,000 people on the trains and 7600 on buses after the show.

"We managed to get those huge numbers to and from the concert while still maintaining full services for our regular commuters particularly during the busy afternoon peak on Thursday," Mr Main said.

Numbers using public transport for the concerts stayed strong across the weekend. 

On Saturday night 21,000 people travelled on the trains back to the city after the show and around 8000 took the buses. 

Last night there were 9500 on the buses and 16,000 took the trains.