Hundreds of shops open for Easter Sunday for the first time ever

New council laws allow each council decide whether shops can open on the public holiday. Source: 1 NEWS

Facebook booze dealers cash in on Easter dry spell with high-priced deals

Quick-thinking sellers are cashing in on bottle stores and supermarkets being closed for Easter, with a number of overpriced alcohol listings appearing on Facebook marketplaces.

The listings appear in both Facebook's Marketplace section and in various closed Auckland trade and exchange groups.

One listing seen by 1 NEWS earlier in the day offered an 18-pack of pre-mixed bourbon and cola for $80 - far above the usual $30 or so a box sells for - with the seller commenting that "they will sell today".

That listing has since been removed, presumably after the items were sold.

Other listings have consistently appeared throughout the day, with others posting asking where they can buy alcohol and receiving offers to contact them via private message.

A Facebook listing for overpriced on Easter Sunday
A Facebook listing for overpriced on Easter Sunday. Source: 1 NEWS

Boxes of 12 beers were being offered for sale for $40 each - the usual price is about $30.

A Facebook post offering RTD spirits for sale on Easter Sunday
A Facebook post offering RTD spirits for sale on Easter Sunday Source: 1 NEWS

Another listing offered boxes of RTDs and beer for sale at prices well above the norm.

It is illegal for bars, supermarkets and bottle shops to sell alcohol during all of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but some licensed premises are able to offer alcohol as part of a meal.

A liquor licence is required to be able to legally sell alcohol to others.

A Police spokesperson was not available to comment.



One-year-old boy in stable condition after pulled unresponsive from a Hawke's Bay pond

A one-year-old boy is in a stable condition in hospital after being pulled from a pond in Hawke's Bay.

Emergency services were called to Hawke's Bay A&P Showgrounds in Hastings about 4.37pm today, police say.

The boy was pulled out unresponsive and was initially listed as critical.

A spokeswoman for Hawke's Bay District Health Board said the baby was in a stable condition.

The front of an ambulance vehicle.
The front of an ambulance vehicle used for transporting people to hospital who require medical attention. Source: 1 NEWS