Hundreds queue for two days and nights for Air Jordans in Auckland and Wellington

Self-described "sneakerheads" say queuing for two days and nights to get their hands of a pair of Air Jordans is worth the wait.

More than 100 people queued outside Footlocker on Lambton Quay overnight to ensure they got a pair of the sought after shoes. Source: RNZ / Michael Cropp

Hundreds of people in Wellington and Auckland lined up for the Nike Air Jordan 1 retro Mocha shoe, which went on sale today.

In Wellington, a group of men - Cody, Ben and Luke - arrived at 6am with high hopes of nabbing a pair, or two.

"It's an iconic Jordan, because it's a Jordan 1, and a colourway that everyone would love. Also the resale is double at least at the moment," Cody said.

The trio all said they would wear the shoes they bought, despite the lure of a lucrative resale.

Nikki Russell, who had lined up since Wednesday evening and slept on a camping chair, said these kinds of shoe releases were "intense", with people trying to cut the queue.

"It's hard if you don't get here early. The Footlocker staff have a rule now that you get two tries to go half a size up or down but if that doesn't work out, your luck is gone."

He said people bring couches, mattresses and sleeping bags to secure their spot overnight.

"It's uncomfy but it's worth it."

Francheska Pangan spent a freezing night waiting and has no regrets. Ideally, she wants pair in her size to wear, but if that's not an option, she will resell whatever pair she can get.

"I'm one of the first people to line up for shoes, ever since Footlocker does shoe releases," she said.

She's doubled her money on shoes in the past.

Her dad is also a "sneakerhead", she said, and she wants to follow in his footsteps.

Jamie had been queuing since Wednesday afternoon and managed to get himself two pairs. He intends to wear them until they fall apart.

"I don't want to pay resale price because it's insanely expensive."

And he has no intention of selling them on because he would feel uncomfortable charging people more than what he paid.

A passerby said she admired the dedication of those lining up.

"I just hope they are really good shoes and they are comfortable," she said.