Hundreds including mayor and MPs protest Dunedin's Cadbury Factory closure

Several hundred people have turned out for a rally in Dunedin to protest the proposed closure of the city’s iconic Cadbury factory.

Locals say the closure will have a crippling effect on the Dunedin economy. Source: 1 NEWS

The closure, announced last month, threatens almost 400 hundred jobs.

Speakers including Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, Cadbury workers, local MP’s and union delegates voiced their concern at the impending closure and the detrimental effect it will have on the city’s economy.

Rally organiser Don Pryde from the Save Cadbury Community Action Group says today’s rally is the first time workers, families and concerned citizens have come together to publicly voice their disappointment.

He says the closure is difficult to understand considering the factory’s annual reports show it has returned $45 million in profits back to multinational owners Mondelez in the past five years.

“It would appear they just want to make more profit so it’s something we’re just not happy with," he said.

“We need multinationals with moral conscience who’ll look after people that look after them."

It is understood the first job losses will occur later this year.