Hundreds of Fraser High School students stage mass protest after principal's anti-truancy speech

Nearly 150 students have staged a "wagging protest" following a controversial speech by a Hamilton principal.

Students from Fraser High School gathered at the gates and told 1 NEWS how they felt, following comments made by principal Virginia Crawford last week.

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Many said the speech had been taken out of context, while others said the principal's message was out of line.

However, another group of students opposed the action taken by their classmates, backing their principal's truancy message.

A flyer for the planned protest.

"These guys don't even know how to protest," one student told 1 NEWS.

"If they were protesting, they wouldn't be smoking, trying to make our school look bad.

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"They didn't understand the message the principal gave - even if it was harsh.

"I'd just love it if everyone goes back to class, gets back to their learning. They're not going to learn anything from protesting if they don't know how to protest."

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More than 800 students from the Hamilton school gathered at the front gate today. Source: 1 NEWS

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