Hundreds of Destiny Church members march in protest at Waitangi

Hundreds of people from Destiny Church marched in a hikoi at Waitangi to support their leader Brian Tamaki in making a change for the Māori community through his Man Up programme.

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Brian Tamaki says, “I believe it can make a big difference on the reoffending numbers of Māori”. Source: 1 NEWS

They walked from the lower marae to the upper treaty ground and back again.

Man Up is currently funded by the church but Tamaki is trying to get Government support.

One of the protesters said the programme is about bringing men to restoration.

“As for myself, I’m a father of three and Man Up's really helped me to maintain a better life and live a better lifestyle. The life I was living before Man Up was not a healthy environment.”

The protest is in support of Brian Tamaki’s Man Up programme. Source: 1 NEWS

“We are walking to support our bishop Brian Tamaki in making a change for our communities that’s what Man Up stands for.”

Another protester says, “It’s about raising our future generations into a better lifestyle…we want to do things better for a Māori people.”

Mr Tamaki met with Justice Minister Andrew Little about supporting his Man Up programme.

"He is very positive about what I am doing with Man Up...from our introduction at parliament not so long ago, he realised then that he wants to work with Man Up because of the results it's getting.

"I believe it can make a big difference on the reoffending numbers of Māori."

He says Man Up is having a lot of great results for Māori men and Māori families.

"I want Man Up to get into all our prisons and I assured him in a years time I can change those stats."