Huge waves smash Wellington rubberneckers amid fears for coastal roads' survival

Wellington rubberneckers and their cars were swamped by large southerly swells which will continue to hammer the city's coastal roads today.

A massive swell at Lyall Bay left spectators scrambling as waves crashed onto the road.

More than 3m swells are forecast to continue to hit the Lyall Bay after large waves washed debris and boulders onto Moa Point Rd yesterday.

A video of yesterday's swells shows cars and drivers struggling to evade the encroaching waves as they flood the road.

The capital's mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, told Fairfax Media this morning that Wellington's south coast roads were under increasing threat of large swells because of global warming.

She said while the roads were not at risk of rapid erosion in the next five to 10 years, it could occur if a plan was not implemented to protect the coast.

There was a host of potential protection measures such as sand dunes and sea walls, which are already being constructed in some places.