Huge 'feral' backyard beehive found by Auckland family

Imagine finding out that thousands of Italians have been hiding out, down the back of your house, making honey.

Close to 80,000 Italian honey bees built the feral hive, believed to have been there for two years. Source: Seven Sharp

That's exactly what happened to a family in South Auckland who found close to 80,000 Italian honey bees had built a monster hive off the side of their deck.

It's called a feral hive and beekeepers reckon it's been there for close to two years.

But Toafa Faimalo-Tai and her family had no idea because their trellis was covered with a big tarp.

Rose Weir, a local beekeeper, says at more than a metre, the hive is one for their record books.

The plan is to try and move it once winter sets in and get this - not one person's been stung yet.