Housing revealed as most important issue in helping Kiwis decide on vote

Housing has come out on top as the number one election issue in the 1NEWS Colmar Brunton poll. 

Short term emergency housing is just one of a range of measures the Government has introduced to try tackle a growing housing crisis. Source: 1 NEWS

The poll asked, 'Which issues do you think will be important in helping you decide which party to vote for?'

Twenty-seven per cent named housing, including affordability as their most important issue. 

Twenty per cent said education, 16 per cent said the economy, followed by health, the environment and immigration. 

Short term emergency housing is just one of a range of measures the government has introduced to try and tackle a growing housing crisis. 

Labour leader Andrew Little said people are not just concerned with home ownership, in terms of housing. 

"What's happening with the cost of rentals, what's happening with the security of tenure, what's happening with the quality of housing," he said. 

Issues with social housing reform are also highlighted in a report commissioned for treasury two-years-ago. 

It criticises a fragmented approached to housing and said having a number of ministers and departments has confused the issue and led to a lack of leadership and communication. 

"There's WINZ, there's Housing New Zealand, there's other organisations they have to deal with and a lot of people are desperate and just don't have the internal resources, the strength to deal with so many organisations."

Prime Minister Bill English said momentum could be seen in emergency housing to secure more places. 

"The ultimate accountability is meeting the needs of the consumers."