Housing NZ welcomes relaxed P home contamination limits

Housing New Zealand is welcoming the recommended lift in tolerance for methamphetamine contamination that would open the doors to 50 houses. 

The homes have been awaiting a clean-up but now don’t need it under the new health ministry recommendations. Source: 1 NEWS

The health ministry recommends a relaxation in the amount of of P measured in a house before it requires a clean up. 

Previous guidelines state a clean up must occur if five micrograms of the class A drug were found within a small square surface inside a home.

New rules allow up to 1.5 micrograms to be present in houses with carpet and 2.0 micrograms in houses without carpet. 

Charlie Mitchell of Housing New Zealand says the regulatory changes would allow them to immediately release 50 houses awaiting decontamination back to tenants. 

"This is really good news and not just for Housing New Zealand," Mr Mitchell says.

"It's good news for anyone buying a property, anyone that owns a property, any of those private landlords out there. So from our perspective it really is a big win." 

Old standard still applies for houses where P has been manufactured rather than smoked. 

The new levels are expected to be adopted by Standards New Zealand as a benchmark for the meth contamination industry.