Housing NZ staff in charge of three times more properties than private sector

Housing New Zealand (HNZ) property managers are under the pump, with portfolios three times that of their private sector colleagues.

ONE News has obtained figures showing they're expected to take care of three times as many properties as those in the private sector. Source: 1 NEWS

Figures obtained by ONE News show there are currently 200 tenanacy managers in charge of 70,000 properties nationwide.

That's a ratio of 1:350 while private property managers say on average they look after around 120 dwellings per person.

Labour's housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says that's the reason for the poor condition of state housing.

"It's just not possible for them to do their job properly," he said.

However HNZ tenancy manager Neil Adams says it's unfair to compare them to the private sector.

"We do understand the complexity of our customers. And one of the unique things with Housing New Zealand is we have a really big pool of stakeholders that all of our tenancy managers are working with daily to help our people sustain tenancies," he said.

Housing NZ launched a review after Emma- Lita Borne tragically died of pneumonia-like illness last August.

The coroner ruled that the cold damp conditions of the state house where she lived could've been to blame.