Housing Minister lampooned by Opposition after celebrating having housed just 12 families

The Government is under pressure after having housed just 12 families under its Progressive Home Ownership Scheme since its official launch seven months ago.

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But the Housing Minister insists it’s no laughing matter, and that she’s incredibly proud of that number. Source: 1 NEWS

An additional 78 families have been contracted to the scheme, and another 25 families will soon be moving into apartments built in Queenstown.

Housing Minister Megan Woods said she was proud of the scheme. The National Party labelled it an embarrassment.

National Party housing spokesperson Nicola Willis said the fact the housing minister was showing off about 12 houses beggared belief.

"It's astounding to me that the minister has taken the time and money to put together a PR video spinning this when what people want her to focus on is increasing housing supply."

Willis said the video was out of touch.

"To be showing off about 12 houses, well there are hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who desperately want their own home and they know they have a better chance of winning lotto than getting into this scheme."

Woods defended the number, saying it could take up to three years for someone to go through the process.

She said it was much different than buying a house through conventional means.

"This is about working with families who often have high levels of debt, it's about not only repaying that debt, it is working to establish a good credits history, a savings history and then working to ensure that a bank will lend to this family," she said.

Woods said the Government planned to move between 1500 and 4000 families into home ownership through the scheme.