Housing crisis 'a violation of the promises' by successive governments - Human Rights Commissioner

New Zealand's housing crisis is "a violation of the promises" made by governments over the years according to the Human Rights Commissioner. 

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Paul Hunt says the scathing report by the United Nations is a sobering reality check. Source: 1 NEWS

Yesterday United Nations' special rapporteur Leilani Farha said the crisis is "not just a housing crisis, it is a human rights crisis of significant proportions".

Speaking on TVNZ 1's Breakfast today Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt says the special rapporteur's comments remind us "of what successive governments have made in the United Nations to deliver over a period of time, the right to a decent home for everybody.”

Mr Hunt went on to say: "In a rich country like New Zealand, it should be possible to create the conditions where everyone has access to a decent home and that’s not happening at the moment. That constitutes a violation of the promises that government has made."

New Zealand's housing woes labelled a 'human rights crisis of significant proportions' by UN

Mr Hunt says the Human Rights Commission receive "literally hundreds" of complaints towards the housing sector with new complaints laid almost every day. 

"There’s a really serious problem here, unquestionably the housing crisis is a human rights crisis. We are not yet delivering on the promises that we have made, the country have made, to its people."