Hotter than usual start to Kiwi summer sees massive spike in pesky flies

Summer is in full swing, and while a lot of us are picturing the perfect Kiwi summer, for others, it also means more flies.

Many are seeing a spike in the pesky bugs because of the warmer weather, including David Brittain of Kiwicare which has been in the business of killing pests for over 30 years.

Mr Brittain told Seven Sharp's Jeremy Wells, "At Kiwicare during the past two weeks, we've had the highest number of inquiries for pest control in 30 years".

"We've had 60,000 inquiries to our website in the past two weeks and that's on all kinds of insects including flies, fleas and others, and the reasons really are because of the high temperatures we had after Christmas," he said.

Bug King's Mark McDonald adds, "If it's a little bit too wet, they're not gonna breed as well. If it's dry, that's when they come in heavy."

Mr McDonald recommended swatting flies as a “good family activity”.

"Have a bit of a competition with the kids. Get a nice flex on your back to get that fly swat going."

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Jeremy Wells finds the reason for the spike in flies this summer is not what he expected. Source: Seven Sharp