Hopes TV series celebrating 'incredible New Zealanders' in the UK will inspire Kiwi kids

An award winning television series celebrating Kiwi success in the UK is being used as an educational tool for New Zealand schools.

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Dream Catchers was produced by Hilary Timmins who has lived in London since 2011. Source: 1 NEWS

Dream Catchers was produced by New Zealand expat and former television presenter Hilary Timmins who has lived in London since 2011.

"I was involved in some fundraising events and I met some of these incredible New Zealanders that were holding down these extraordinary positions in  the corporate world and the arts," she said.

The online series contains eight episodes exploring different themes from arts and culture, film and fashion, food and wine even global leaders all featuring Kiwi expats offering an insight into what motivates them.

Trained lawyer, Dunedin born Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas was the first woman to chair the Royal Opera House, the first woman to effectively lead the City of London, the capital’s financial heart and the first woman to be Provost of King’s College, Cambridge.

Dame Judith told 1 NEWS any opportunity that comes her way she grabs it.

"I'd always have the mantra it's better to try and fail than not try at all which I describe as shameless opportunism and that’s always driven me to do many things," she said.

Motiti Island born and raised, New Zealand architect Anthony Hoete has carved his work in Italy and the Netherlands before settling in London. He doesn’t see himself as successful but has always been driven and disciplined.

"Just believe, without belief nothing is achievable and believe in the things you want to do rather than the things you do," he said.

Timmins, who first appeared on the iconic TV show It’s in the Bag in 1986 said she worked with a shoestring budget and hopes to attract some sponsorship to profile more New Zealander’s chasing their dreams.