'Home is the perfect place to make mistakes' - Suzy Cato urges teens to learn life skills

Once upon a time, domestic tasks were a teenager's right of passage, but some argue skills like laundering clothes, budgeting, sewing and cooking seem to have gone out the window. 

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Iconic New Zealander Suzy Cato joins us to discuss. Source: Seven Sharp

These days, there's a service for just about everything. Teens can order a four-course meal delivered to their dorm room door quicker than rummaging through the family recipe box.

So, are domestic chores falling by the wayside? And how can parents help their kids before they spread their wings and leave the nest? 

Youth educator Suzy Cato told Seven Sharp teens first need to learn to make their way around the kitchen. 

“If you can fuel yourself … you’re also feeding your soul.” 

Cato also urged teens to learn about first aid and budgeting. 

“If we don’t know how to do the basics, we can’t do those bigger jobs. Those big jobs actually become quite immense and overwhelming. 

“The home is the perfect place to make mistakes.”