Home ownership 'absolutely crucial for Kiwi way of life' - Judith Collins

National Party leader Judith Collins says home ownership is “absolutely crucial for the Kiwi way of life”.

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The National leader says she's staggered by the amount of people who don't have their own home. Source: Breakfast

A recent CoreLogic report found New Zealand families are forking out nearly a third of their income for mortgage payments, while many New Zealanders say they can’t afford to buy their own home.

The report into housing affordability also found the national house price to income ratio is high.

Ms Collins today told TVNZ1's Breakfast the issue has been “concerning her for quite a long time”.

“I’m staggered by how so many people do not have their own home," she said.

“I was the housing spokesperson. I also asked for RMA reform because the Resource Management Act I felt was really holding back sections being available and certainly putting up the price of sections so there is a lot we can do around that.”

Ms Collins says freeing up the land for housing and making it cheaper to actually get a house built will help more Kiwis into home ownership.

“When I was growing up and even when I got my first home, this was not the issue that it is now and it’s all around very restricted practices, a tremendous amount of work that goes into stopping anyone getting anything built.

“And actually, the people who are paying for it are the people at the bottom end of the socio-economic scale.”

Ms Collins says she is “absolutely committed” to people being able to buy their own home.

“Because to me that’s what makes a big difference for kids and it gives people something to leave to their children as well.

“It’s absolutely crucial for the Kiwi way of life and I have an absolute personal commitment to that for New Zealanders. I”m staggered by how so many people now do not have their own home.”

A $400 million Government scheme was launched in July to help people who struggle to get enough money together for a deposit into home ownership.

It was announced last September during changes to the failed KiwiBuild scheme. It includes options for shared equity or ownership, rent-to-buy and leasehold homes.

The progressive home ownership fund was in the Green Party and Labour’s confidence and supply agreement.