Holden HSV owner feeling burned after dealer says he doesn’t actually own a Holden

If it looks like a Holden, and sounds like a Holden, is it a Holden? Not according to… Holden.

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Holdens get three years of free servicing from the dealership, but not so with Holden HSVs, Steve Rangihuna was told. Source: Fair Go

Which came as a surprise to new car owner Steve Rangihuna.

“They said it’s not a Holden, it’s an HSV. And I’ve since found out that an HSV means ‘Holden Special Vehicle’,” he said.

Steve bought his shiny brand new 2018 HSV Colorado ute from Karamu Holden – HSV cars are only sold through Holden dealerships.

He’d bought two Holdens from there previously, so figured he’d get the same deal offered on new Holdens – three years free servicing.

Until he got a bill for the first service - $346.20.

When questioned, Steve says he was told the car didn’t qualify because it’s not a Holden.

The car is in fact, manufactured by Holden in its factory, and then shipped to the HSV factory as part of a commercial partnership arrangement.

Both Holden and HSV were at pains to point out the companies are separate from one another – and the servicing deal is one only offered to Holden customers.

But the issue may not be as clear cut as that – the Land Transport Agency, for one, registers Steve’s car as a ‘Holden HSV’ on the window sticker displayed on the car.

Steve says he was never told free servicing wasn’t included, and he reckons there’s not enough distinction between the two.

“I’m not a fulla to moan and whinge about anything, but you know what if this happens to someone else?”

Holden says it hasn’t had a complaint like this before – and the dealer told us he doesn’t want anyone to ever feel they haven’t been given the right information about their car purchase.

Karamu Holden has offered Steve the full three yearly services, as a gesture of goodwill.

Steve’s delighted.

“Thanks Fair Go – and thanks Karamu Holden!”