Hired activists drag Auckland office workers from chairs, force them outside

Startling video has emerged of an eviction and occupation attempt by hired activists in Auckland where office workers were dragged from their chairs and forcibly removed.

One man was arrested and others trespassed after a group of uniformed men stormed the Tournament Parking office at City Works Depot - a business complex on Cook Street - on Monday afternoon.

The group responsible for the incursion was contracted by self-proclaimed "surrogate king" and conspiracy theorist John Wanoa.

Several staff members are forcibly removed in the video, with some stalling for time while they called police and one male worker refusing to go easily, prompting repeated physical attempts from the group to remove him.

In the full version of the video, which was filmed by a member of the group, men are seen planning their entry outside the address, where they are told to confiscate keys and cards from workers if possible before sending them outside - and barricading themselves inside.

However, police were quickly called by several staff members and after they arrived the group promptly left.

Police confirmed one man associated with the group was arrested in the carpark after he refused to give his details to police.

Trespass notices were served to some of those present and police are currently trying to locate the other people involved.

"Police would ask people who have concerns as to the ownership of property to use the correct legal channels including calling police where required and not take the law into their own hands," a police spokesperson said.

Mr Wanoa confirmed he was responsible for the action, saying he holds a customary title to the land and had hired people to support the eviction of the tenants there.

He said he informed Auckland police's CIB unit that he intended to occupy the premises and said he had acted legally.

A Tournament spokesperson said the company did not want to comment on the incident.