Hipkins slams 'potentially dangerous' face mask misinformation circulating at Wellington Station

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has called the anti-mask misinformation being distributed at Wellington Station - “factually wrong and potentially dangerous”.

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Chris Hipkins said the only place for the pamphlets and cards was in the rubbish bin. Source: 1 NEWS

He told people who receive printouts containing the misinformation to put them in the rubbish bin.

“I am aware there are people handing out printed material that looks professional that undermines mask wearing on public transport,” Hipkins said today. 

He said it included “lots of information that is factually wrong and potentially dangerous”.

Anger after Wellington commuters face anti-mask propaganda on train

RNZ reported this morning that Billy Te Kahika's group The Freedom Alliance was distributing fliers with misinformation around masks in Wellington.

Made to look like the official Covid-19 colour scheme with a copied Ministry of Health logo, it told commuters masks were bad and provided them with a fake exemption card.

Hipkins said the Wellington train station had provided an appropriate place for people to put the fliers and fake exemption cards – “It’s called the rubbish bin”.

He said the fake exemption cards were disrespectful to people who genuinely needed an exemption to wearing masks.

Under Alert Level 1, masks must be worn on flights and on public transport across the country.