Hilary Barry talks to diabetic left humiliated after Auckland establishment refused to let her eat BYO food

A diabetic woman told Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry she was left humiliated after a waitress at an Auckland restaurant refused to let her eat food brought from home.

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Holly Roberson’s blood sugar levels fell dangerously low when she visited Gypsy Caravan. Source: Seven Sharp

Holly Roberson’s blood sugar levels fell dangerously low when she visited Gypsy Caravan with friends in July this year.

Ms Roberson told Seven Sharp she always carries food with her in case of blood sugar emergencies.

On the night in question, she pulled out her container and began eating the carbohydrates out of it when a waitress came over and told her to stop eating and put the food away.

After trying to explain her plight to the waitress, the manager then came over and the situation escalated.

Later, the personal trainer posted about her experience at the Ponsonby establishment on Facebook to highlight the issue faced by diabetics.

"Last night I was shouted at by the manager on duty, in a cocktail bar, in front of my friends and onlookers, where we had purchased food and beverages, because I was eating my own food that, I had counted the carbs and had insulin on board for.

"Even after explaining the importance of eating the food, I was continually shouted at, my reasons ignored and I was told on several occasions to ‘put it away’" she wrote.

NZME reports that Ms Roberson was issued an apology by the Gypsy Caravan owner after the incident.

The Gypsy Caravan announced on its Facebook page that it closed its doors for good last Friday night.