Hilary Barry proudly references BSA ruling about her anti-vaxxer comments

Hilary Barry has challenged her critics, after proudly referencing that a Broadcasting Standards Authority ruling announced today came back in her favour. 

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The Seven Sharp co-host proudly referenced the Broadcasting Standards Authority’s decision about her comments from February 16. Source: Seven Sharp

A complaint was made with the BSA after the Seven Sharp host commented about those against getting the Covid-19 jab in February.

“Anyone who doesn’t want to be vaccinated might like to consider jumping on a ferry and going to the Auckland Islands for a few years, and then when we’ve got rid of Covid-19 they could come back,” she said on February 16. 

The complainant said Barry’s comments breached the Free-to-air TV Code by “suggesting the vaccine was safe almost without question and denigrating to those with a different view”. 

However, the BSA announced in today’s ruling that her comments weren’t likely to cause widespread offence and didn’t breach any standards. 

At the end of tonight's show, Barry took a moment to comment on the ruling. 

“I thought it was fair enough, and apparently so did the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

“It’s absolutely their right to and I invite them to complain about me talking about it now, you go for gold.” 

She added that those choosing to file BSA complaints about the programme could go right ahead. 

“Look, please do. There’s so much on this show to complain about.”

Barry did ask that she be referenced as Mrs Barry in future complaints, rather than Ms Barry as she was in this complaint.