Hikoi to protest classification of 'significant natural areas' culminates in huge crowd in Kaikohe

A big crowd gathered in Kaikohe, Northland at the end of a two-day hikoi to protest the classification of "significant natural areas".

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The group are upset at what they say are rushed changes to land use rules. Source: 1 NEWS

The hikoi started in Cape Reinga yesterday and has gathered steam with more than a 1000 Northland iwi and farmers converging on Kaikohe to present a petition to the Far North District Council.

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The group hit the streets of Kaikohe in what was the largest hikoi in the region in the foreshore and seabed protests. Source: 1 NEWS

Northland iwi are concerned efforts to classify hundreds of places under the new rules which are designed to protect unique habitats, will take control away from landowners.

A total of 685 significant natural areas have been identified in the Far North covering 282,696 hectares, about 42 per cent of the district. Of that, about half is public land.

Council has put the process on hold and committed to including landowners in decisions on significant natural areas.