High school rock band plays Christchurch Town Hall for first time since earthquakes


The first performance at Christchurch Town Hall since the 2011 earthquakes has taken place amid construction workers repairing the building for its official opening next year.

Although the repair project still has another year to go.
Source: 1 NEWS

The music was provided by Christ's College rock band who silenced the relentless construction noise that has been a fixture of the building for two years now.

But the Christ's College musicians were not fazed by their makeshift surroundings.

"I actually loved the sound, the acoustics are going well," one student trombonist said.

The price tag for the repairs is over $130 million, with the main focus on reinforcing the land beneath the protected Town Hall building.

"We're going to create new memories here. A new generation of people are going to create their own memories," Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel said.

Since the massive repair project began two years ago, 120 contractors working 10 hour shifts have been committed to getting the building back to its former self.

"I feel this buildings intrinsically linked to my life, and it's quite emotional actually quite emotional listening to that band and realising why I'm here,"  Project Director Patrick Cantillon said.

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