High heels more dangerous than gumboots (just)

New figures from ACC shows high heels and gumboots are the biggest danger when it comes to footwear for Kiwis.

Stiletto platform pump shoes

The government agency receives around 1.7 million claims every year but just how we are injuring ourselves may come as a surprise.

According to the figures, based on 2013 statistics, there were a total of 780 claims relating to high heel injuries compared to 741 claims for gumboot-related injuries.

ACC's spokesman Glenn Donovan says "there's probably as many people getting stood on by someone wearing heels as there is by the wearer toppling over".

He also says there are things people can do to reduce their risk of an accident.

"Like removing those trip hazards, simple as mopping up spills as soon as they happen, its making sure electrical wires don't run across the floor, they run along the wall," says Mr Donovan.

There were more than six times more pillow fight injuries than arm wrestling incidents.

And men made more claims than women.

About 700,000 injuries took place in the household last year, according to Mr Donovan, many of them relating to falls.